$25 Mask vs $80 Mask (Is it worth it?)

Jul 6, 2020
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  • I have a 2€ mask and its good

    wolf girlwolf girl17 days ago
  • Any suggestions for people who wear glasses ?

    Bekah HerringBekah Herring19 days ago
  • I am disappointed there no 🍰 comment

    Popcorn ButterPopcorn Butter19 days ago
  • If you guys want to hold your breath longer there's this procedure you can do which is holding your breathe underwater for as much as you can come out of the water take in ONE breathe then go back underwater...do this as long as you want

    Tjay BandsTjay Bands19 days ago
  • Me to :3

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  • Omg where is this it’s so beautiful

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  • Where is her flippers from!!!!😁😁😁

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  • Hiiini love your tik toks and with u and Brittany

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  • My GIRLFRIEND britney

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  • How do you keep your goggles from fogging

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  • Please reply are you and Brittany dating?

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  • Tiktok a better than the videos

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  • Why don’t you use a air tank

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  • You are so nice

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  • So the name change who else noticed

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  • I just liked it tiktok

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  • Short answer yes I’ve only been scuba diving and snorkeling for a year and a good mask will last you forever you want to make sure you have a good rubber skirt and good lenses a good starter one will be about $60-$70, look up a dive shop near you and ask the owner what a good fit would be for you anyways have a good day!

    Blackbear BaseballBlackbear BaseballMonth ago
  • I came from tik tok and i am subbed to ur channel.of yt a tik tok reply pls

  • I don't dive but your videos sure make me want to.

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  • Thank you so much Ordered it

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  • Can you do one explaining her SUPER long flippers ??🤣🤣🤣

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  • I did not know you cuzzed

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  • Ok this is amazing I really want to go to the sea really bad I really mis my sea friends hehe

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    • My GIRLFRIEND britney

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  • It’s not a Shanger Danger video without a 🎂 in it.

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  • Where did Brittany get her fins?

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  • How do your ears not hurt from all the water pressure. I went in an in ground pool that was 11 feet deep and my ears would hurt when I go down to the bottom??

    Henry DistefanoHenry DistefanoMonth ago
    • They equalize their ears by pinching their nose and blowing

      Sharif MousallatiSharif MousallatiMonth ago
  • am i the only one who held their breath through the cave in the middle

    Grace BirdGrace BirdMonth ago
    • beginning *

      Grace BirdGrace BirdMonth ago
  • Have you ever got swimmer ear before

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    • Are swimmer ear like ear infections?

      Emma FondasEmma FondasMonth ago
  • 0:45 hot-teens24.online

    William WrightWilliam WrightMonth ago
  • I am under the water.

    Chase ExumChase ExumMonth ago
  • I love ur TikToks and I want to be good diver like u bc I swim a lot and I can go down ten feet and touch the bottom

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  • Who else has been wondering: How do y’all hold your breath that long?

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    • Its air tanks? O.o or idk.

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    • I know

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    • Training

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    • I can hold my breath for like only 10 sec

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  • Hi Shanger! I love your videos and tik toks it would be so amazing if you reply!

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  • Hi I’m a fan I love you tiktoks I think that it so cool that you go under water 8n the ocean 🌊:)

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